Thai Dance Performances and Workshops

During tradional dance performances, the dancer-actors were accompagned by an orchestra, not visible to the audience. Instruments are usually made of bamboo, like the Kaen (mouth organ), Ranaad (xylophone), Phee (flute) and Saw (kind of chello). For percusion the Ching (rides) and Khlong (drums) are used often. The music is based on the pentatonic scale, also used in Chinese music. Perhaps the traditional music sounds chaotic for the inexperienced listener, because the kind of melodies are different than the Western ones, so you have to get used to it.


Most compositions stay in one key. Often the music starts slowly and the tempo is gradually increased. De monotomy, combined with the typical bamboo sounds can have a trancelike effect.

Modern Thai folk music sounds lively, faster en usually with vocals. Nowadays Western music is very popular in Thailand among the young generation. Western oriented rocksongs dominate the charts. Despite this, the Thai folk music is still very popular among all ages.