Thai Dance Performances and Workshops
Thai Dance

Thai Dance is characterized by slow, gratious, almost hypnotizing hand movements. Historically Thai dance is stronly connected to stage acting and therefore contains a lot of expression. Most poses have a clear meaning like being in love, shyness, sorrow, anger or honourd to Buddha or the King.

Thai dance is based on slow rhytms, although some folk dances are quite fast. The slow rhytm requires a good balance and body control.

Men and women dance in groups, single or with each other. The emphasis is not the flirt between man and woman, which is the case in many Latin American dances. Thai dance aims to create a wonderfull picture for the audience.

The gracefull poses and movements are a lust to the eye. It's no coincidence that Asian dances are popular now with choreographers. In dance music video's we see more and more Asian influences. The feminine and elegant movements form a reaction to the masculine street and hip hop dance we have seen the last 15 years.

Thai dance is not only nice to look at, but also great to practice yourself, it contributes to a strong mental and physical balance.